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Chain Link Curtains

The Chain link curtain is an ideal way of screening doorways that a normal hinged screen door may not be suitable for. These types of curtain are usually fitted to shop doorways where the traffic is quite regular. These are not to be used on doorways where trolleys or other vehicles pass through as the chain is likely to catch and be broken. The links are aluminium and are connected to an aluminium top track. The top track can be fitted onto brackets so that the whole curtain can be removed in a matter of seconds

Screens are made of aluminum chains hung on an aluminum "picture hook" rail. The chain comes in a variety of colours and is anodised so that it is colour fast as well as being rust proof and easy to keep clean. Just about any size is available and logos and other designs can be incorporated into the screen.

The easy "walk through" nature of the screens makes them ideal for - attractive in - doorways. This is particularly true for conservatories where our screens mean you can have fresh air without the insects.

At windows they are particularly convenient because they can be reached through with ease and so do not create a barrier to either the light or the flow of air.

The screens are simplicity itself to install. The "picture hook" over the screws which should be placed just above the doorway or window. The screens are equally appropriate for permanent fitting or putting up daily.

The free-hanging nature of the chain link curtain makes it possible to simply walk though your door opening without the inconvenience of stopping to open and close a hinged or roller insect screen.

The durable anodised aluminium chain is hung 77 lengths per metre from the aluminium head rail.

The head rail can either be screwed securely into place or hung on protruding screws for easy removal.

Quick and Easy to install: Your kit includes everything you will need to quickly fabricate a chain link insect screen (maximum size 900 mm wide by 2100 mm drop) 150 metres of silver chain and 900 mm of head rail. Simply trim the head rail to size fix to top of door frame. Then hang lengths of chain from the head rail, removing extra chain links to obtain your correct drop. Estimated fitting time is only 25 minutes.


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